Sopa Gallery | SK
10. 2. - 18. 3. 2022

As winter in the Northern Hemisphere is traditionally the time to plan the garden and to tell stories, the exhibition uses this contemplative moment to speculate about the potential of seeds. Each seed carries a wealth of knowledge, the cultural and biodiversity of where they come from through histories of coevolution with communities, as well as potential for the future. This project is a collection of contributions by artists, curators, designers, gardeners, farmers, and organizations from various parts of the world, containing actual seeds, conceptual seeds, artworks, spells, instructions, videos, and sound recordings.

The contributions speak about the local circumstances they come from, as well as the possibilities or restrictions on how seeds and other bodies are allowed to travel, including crossing borders. They tell stories of grounding and uprootedness, belonging and loss, of hope and connections through the global circulation of goods, food and traditions as people travel with their seeds. As long as you have seeds in your pocket you will never be poor – goes the old saying. How can we save and exchange these seeds and share the ideas and traditions they carry? How can we care for them and create new ecologies together?

After the exhibition, in the spring, we will plant the seeds together in the soil of Košice, where they will create their own new relations and ecology.

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